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Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction, dry cleaning, compound cleaning, bonnet cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, deep cleaning. The terms can be confusing.

Let’s simplify.

If you walk on your carpet, it starts retaining soil IMMEDIATELY. Some of that soil is loose and falls to the bottom of the carpet fibers where you don’t see it. Some of that soil is sticky and attaches to the carpet fibers. Eventually, the loose soil at the bottom and the sticky soil on the fibers will build up so that you see it on the carpet surface especially in the walkways, high traffic areas, etc.

Many people think they should wait until the soil is visible on the surface to have the carpet cleaned. This is not the best approach. Most carpet manufacturers will tell you cleaning should start as soon as you begin walking on your carpet. Soil left in carpeting wears it out quicker and greatly affects the indoor air quality. Let us show you what your manufacturer recommends and tailor a maintenance plan around it. You might find that you like year round clean carpet and a product that lasts longer than expected.

To clean your carpeting properly you must vacuum up the loose soil and remove the sticky soil from the fibers. A proper commercial carpet cleaning will involve the following:

1. High powered vacuuming (pile lifting) to pickup all the loose soil in the carpet

2. Pre-spray and agitation to remove the sticky soil from the carpet fibers

3. Extraction to remove the soil

Extraction can happen with water or with an absorbent compound. Agitation and extraction may need to be repeated multiple times to remove soil in heavy traffic areas.


Wood Floor Care

Did you know you can scrub, wash and renew your wood floors without sanding and refinishing? Thats right, but you must perform this maintenance cleaning before your floors are so scratched and worn that only sanding and refinishing will fix them. Call us for a free consultation and find out if this will work for your wood floors. Maintain them now or sand and refinish later. See our work of Wood Floor Maintenance.

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete can be a beautiful thing. But it quickly scratches and loses that lovely shine. Maintenance cleaning and polishing not only keeps the floor clean but keeps the shine infinitly. Thats right, keep your concrete clean and regularly polished and you won’t have to pay for an expensive restoration ever again.

Hard Surface Care

Ceramic tile and grout, terrazo, marble granite these floor will dull quickly if not maintained regularly. Once extremely dull maintenance cleaning and polishing is no longer an option. Your floors must be honed or polished at a large expense. Why not maintain them reqularly and put off expensive restoration.